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Vinicio Bastidas

Vinicio Bastidas was born in 1971 in Quito, Ecuador. In Quito, he studied fine art and in 1998 earned his academic degree in Painting and Printmaking. Highlights from his academic studies include the course "creative consciousness” under the mentorship of Professor Alvares (1997, Quito). Additionally he received several scholarships for studying abroad (1994 Mexico and 1997 France).

Since 1990, Bastidas has had numerous exhibitions in Europe and Latin America.

From 1990 to 1999, he participated in more than 20 exhibitions in his native country Ecuador. In 1995 he won the prestigious first prize in drawing at the Salón Nacional de Pintura y Dibujo (National Exhibition of Drawing and Painting) from the Foundation El Comercio, Quito. Other major Latin American exhibitions include "Taller de Tagua" Centro de estudios Andinos in Mexico City (1994) and National Museum in Lima, Peru (1996).

Additionally, Bastidas has participated in the most prestigious national exhibitions in Ecuador such as Salón de París the Alianza Francesa, Salón de Julio, Guayaquil and Salon Mariano Aguilera (2008).

Other selected international exhibitions include:

  • in 2015 the expositions „Jet Lag“, Metropolitan Cultural Centre, Quito, Ecuador, and „Off Munich“ in Munich, Germany; participation in the Short Film Night at Film Museum in Munich („ Dreams to Recycle“);
  • „NoBody“ at Contemporary Art Centre in Quito and at Kunstarkaden in Munich; „Inalterable Documents“ at Klohhäuschen, Munich (2013); „Anonymous Being“ at Arte Actual Flacso in Quito Ecuador and „Alien Skin“ iat KVD Gallery, Dachau, Germany (2012);
  • "Futures Platform 3" in Munich, Germany (2011);
  • Gallery Luis Gaspar in Madrid, Spain and "Ser El Anonimo (The Anonymous Nature)” in Munich, Germany (2010),
  • "Platform 3 Works" at Platform 3; "Hybrids and Latinlithos " at Gallery Mercedes Felgueres (2009);
  • “Dialogos Urbanos (Urban Dialogue)” at the Cultural Center, Munich, Germany (2008);
  • "Memento Mori" in Freiraum eV, "All About ... Domagk" in the White Box Gallery (2005),
  • "De amor y de barbarie (of love and savagery)” in World House, Conceptual Art Installation "A Vacancy" at the Hotel Mariandl (2002);
  • exhibition of his paintings from the series "Los anti-heroes (The anti-hero)” in the gallery Goethestr. 53 (2001).

Vinicio Bastidas currently lives and works in Munich and is a residence artist at Platform, Experimental Space for Contemporary Art.

Tel: ++ 49 151 50898174

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