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Allegory of Fear and the Broken Body.

When you think about the present iconography, you think about the staginess of fear, which transforms real occurences in representations, with the aim of telling a story or transmitting a „message“. This staginess originates in a iconic, theatrical construction where the body transmitting the message is actually tied to the torture it has to bear.

Bodies turn into maps or destinies; just like during the Inquisition or the French Revolution, when the administration demonstrated the whole power of the Sovereign, the demonstrations of violence reach their top with tortures, not resembling „the art of keeping alive in pain“ anymore.

When you think about the present, you think of bodies enduring violence, mutilated, operated, beheaded, dislocated, anonymous, scattered and broken. The pictures originating from these circumstances account for the most powerful emblem oft he exercise and the legitimation of power.

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